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After 15 years of working for advertisers & agencies, I'm taking a personal approach to working with brands that I'm passionate about. No gimmicks, just growth by helping you better understand your customers and how to engage with them online. My personality is a blend of creative & analytical with roots in music and science. I'm passionate about food, family & marketing. Let's connect in real time!

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Customers are engaging with brands in multiple marketing channels before making a purchase decision. Every engagement I have starts with the simple question of "why". From there I take a holistic approach to drafting a personalized marketing strategy that suits the needs of the business based on their target audiences, growth stage, goals and budget.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing The affiliate marketing landscape consists of key players including advertisers, affiliates, technology and agencies. For an industry in its maturity, it continues to grow year over year becoming a $4.5 billion dollar industry.  Why is affiliate marketing so attractive? Also known as performance marketing, advertisers love the concept of only having to pay an […]

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Social Media

Social Media is about engaging with your audience and building a community. Engaging in social media doesn’t mean sharing your latest blog post on Twitter or Facebook and calling it a day. It takes a commitment to listen to your followers, understand their needs, answer their questions and be yourself. Whether you’re an individual, a startup or […]

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Content Marketing

Today, everyone is a content creator.  Understanding your audience will help you better define what types of content they are looking for, where they are consuming their content and when they are most likely to read your content. Content Marketing starts with Content Curation Curating content that’s relevant to your audience from authoritative sources should be […]

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I'm a marketing geek and sure I've helped a lot of brands but what really matters is how I can help you!
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