3 Elements of Content Marketing

Today, everyone is a content creator.  Understanding your audience will help you better define what types of content they are looking for, where they are consuming their content and when they are most likely to read your content.

Content Marketing starts with Content Curation

Curating content that’s relevant to your audience from authoritative sources should be your first step. There are many content curation tools available that can help.  You may be doing this already with Google alerts and email subscriptions or more sophisticated social monitoring tools. As you accrue more content sources and methods, you may find content curation to be your most important source of inspiration for your content creation strategy.

Social media is changing rapidly and what is considered content has little to do with simply having a blog. With the rapid growth of Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Live & YouTube Streaming, content is becoming a visual medium more now than ever. Even if you’re writing long form blog posts, having high impact images to accompany your content will be crucial to its share-ability success. Using data & insights from listening to your audience will ensure you’re creating content that they are looking for & most commonly help answer the questions to problems they are looking to solve.

Once your strategy is in place, choosing your distribution channels is the next step to success. What’s the point of creating & curating all of this great content if you’re not going to share it right?! Depending on your goals, budgets and industry there are numerous choices which is why its important to create a content calendar for each channel, test different messaging such as headlines and analyze everything. You may find opportunities you never knew existed by looking at the data. When it comes to success metrics for content marketing, everyone wants engagement which could mean retweets on Twitter, comments on Instagram and Facebook or the holy grail, your content goes viral.




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